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Kitchens & Plumbing

Kitchens are spaces where food takes centre-stage whether it's cooking, storage, and removal of waste or leftovers. Generally, a Kitchen setup would include the functional and aesthetic parts within the space. The functional aspects of any kitchen are the gas, sink, tap, worktops etc while within showers these include showering fixtures and accessories.

A complex network of piping and stop valves regulate the flow of fluids to various parts of a house or building, with plumbing for conveying kitchen fluids having critical importance along with bathrooms and other areas.

Home plumbing uses pipes, fittings, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to Heat, Cool, remove waste and deliver clean water.

Plumbing fixtures are not permanent parts of a home network and are only designed for end-users. Such fixtures include toilets, showers, tubs, kitchen sinks, humidifiers, etc. Many plumbing fixtures use sealers such as plumber's putty. Plumbing equipment includes devices that are out of sight but equally important to the efficient working of the system. Equipment such as water meters, tanks, pumps, filters, backflow preventers, water softeners, water heaters, and controllers fall in this category. On the other hand, tools are both simple hand-held tools, as well as specialised tools, such as pliers, pipe bending machine, pipe cutter, wrenches, joining tools and crimp tools. These tools can easily and swiftly fix any problems making the task of the plumber more efficient. Special equipment is needed to resolve drainage and other blockages within the plumbing network such as heavy-duty pumps.

At Buildworld we can easily stand up to the challenge of setting up efficient home kitchens, bathroom and showers, along with reliable plumbing and drainage. Our pipes and fittings come in a host of materials that stand up to corrosion, temperature difference, impact and perform the job well. Top-quality PVC, PE, Copper, MDPE, HDPE products are in ready supply from leading names to suit a range of applications within a plumbing network. Say hello to functional kitchens, baths, laundries, showers and more, visit our website today.

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McAlpine 135° Nozzle

McAlpine 135° Nozzle

McAlpine | Not Yet Rated £0.89
Overflow Straight Coupling White

Overflow Straight Coupling White

Buildworld | Not Yet Rated £0.90
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FloPlast Solvent Fit 32mm TEE White

FloPlast Solvent Fit 32mm TEE White

Floplast | Not Yet Rated £0.90
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Hunter 2 Fix Support Half Round Bracket White 112mm

Hunter 2 Fix Support Half Round Bracket White 112mm

Hunter | Not Yet Rated £1.07
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