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Galvanised Nails

Galvanised nails are highly resistant to the outdoor elements and are created mainly for roof work and fencing applications and other outdoor uses. Their zinc coating gives them a dark silvery color, as well as a rough finish. The wide range of galvanized nails includes galvanized clout nails, galvanized round nails, extra-large head nails, galvanized square twist nails, and many more in high-quality materials.

A Galvanised nail gets its name due to a coating of zinc which forms a protective barrier, during the galvanization process, which involves covering them makes them highly resistant to rust and corrosion and the ideal product for outdoor use. Galvanised nails stick much better to most surfaces, so they'll last much longer—from 34 to 100 years, by some estimates.

If galvanized nails are the way to go for outdoor building, we can help you out. Browse our range of fixings such as screws, nails, and galvanized nails available in various packs and sizes and length sizes. Select the right one based on your requirement from our great selection of nails.

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