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Galvanised Nails

If galvanised nails are the way to go for outdoor building, best believe we can help you out. The Dark NailMaster Ring Galvanised Nail box not only has a high-quality tip for penetration but is usable for most cordless nailers.

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More Info on Galvanised Nails

Galvanised nails are created mainly for roof work. Their zinc coating gives them a dark silvery colour, as well as a rough finish. It may take a few coats to paint over them, since non-oil based paints may not immediately stick to the nail's zinc coating. On the subject of nails, galvanised nails are probably the most familiar, thanks to their flat head and smooth shank.

The same way that bright nails get their name from their uncoated body, galvanised nails get their name from their creation process. They get coated in zinc during a process called galvanisation, which protects them against corrosion. Although eventually, these nails will rust, this process profoundly expands their life.

If you're working with treated wood (not timber), non-galvanised nails will last only about two years. Galvanised nails stick much better to most surfaces, so they'll last much longer—from 34 to 100 years, by some estimates.

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