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Wood Drill Bits

The function of a drill bit is to fit into a drill or power tool and cut holes through various materials. However, getting the optimal performance out of the drill bit means you must have specialized bits for every kind of material. There is a significant difference between drill bits intended for wood and masonry or concrete.

Wood drill bits are usually high carbon steel (HSC) or high-speed steel (HSS). Bits for drilling through softwood and hardwood include Auger Bits, Spade Drill or Paddle Bits, Forstner Bits, Flatwood bits, and Regular Twist Drills. You can get the best performance for cutting through timber using a power drill, ensuring a clean and parallel hole. Flatwood bits are used only with power drills and when you need relatively large holes.

At Buildworld, our wood cutting drill bits give you high performance and perform specialised tasks (such as cutting angles). Safety features are always a concern, particularly when in use. We stock drill bits from leading brand names such as Bosch, Dart, and many more, that come in a huge range of diameters and lengths.

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