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At Buildworld, you will find a wide variety of nails, screws, and other items that will strongly hold your structure together for years to come. We've got you covered with the right item that's suited for each specific job. Nails must be hard-wearing and durable and you will find what you want at Buildworld. Our Nails are made of stainless steel or carbon steel and carry Bright, Galvanised, or Zinc polish. Our brands include Buildworld, Dart, and Timco.

Nails find extensive use in all kinds of building activity and come in many varieties, materials, sizes, shapes, and finishes. Nails can be Bright Nails, Collated Nails, Masonry Nails, Panel Pins, Roofing Nails, and many more.

Nails are common fasteners featuring a metal shaft that is pointed at one end and flat at the other end. Nails will fasten a wood, plastic, drywall, masonry, and concrete. Don't compromise the integrity of your structure by improvising on the quality of the Nails! There's no use investing in quality lumber, drywall, or other building materials if you don't also have the right fasteners. As is the case with all of our items, we carry various sizes as well as galvanized versions for outdoor use.

Nails come finished or polished as well as galvanized for greater strength, stability, rust-resistance and endurance.

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Dart NailMaster Red Gas Cell

Dart NailMaster Red Gas Cell

Dart | Not Yet Rated £7.39

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