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At our online store, you will find a wide variety of nails, screws, and other items that will strongly hold your structure together for years to come. At Buildworld we've got you covered with the right item that's suited for each specific job.

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Dart NailMaster Red Gas Cell

Dart NailMaster Red Gas Cell

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Types of Nails Available At Buildworld

Don't compromise the integrity of your structure by improvising! There's no use investing in quality lumber, drywall or other building materials if you don't also have the right fasteners.

Oval Nails

This is the nail you want to use for joinery work where appearance is an issue. You can sink these fasteners right into the wood where they are hidden from view

Round Wire Nails

For furniture reinforcement, fence building, and other rough wood carpentry projects where appearance isn't paramount but strength most definitely is, this is the nail you want to go with. As is the case with all of our items, we carry various sizes as well as galvanized versions for outdoor use.

Galvanized Slab Nails

No other nail is more ideally suited for roofing. Perfect for securing plywood laminates to timber joists, the sharp point of the long shaft easily makes its way into even the hardest lumber. The round, washer style nail head makes sure that any insulation is held perfectly in place also.

Copper Nails

Due to the chemical and biological properties of copper, this particular nail is used in a wide variety of specialized applications ranging from landscaping to horse caretaking and beyond.

Panel Pins

Stainless steel panel pins are the fastener of choice for finishing work where a larger nail would damage the materials.

Veneer Pins

Veneer pins are commonly used to affix metal and plastic to wood. They can also be used to create a temporary joint between two pieces of wood in the framing process.

Plasterboard Nails

Different jobs with different materials require different fasteners, and this is the nail of choice for drywall professionals.

Masonry Nails

When mortar and cement can't get the job done all by themselves, bricklayers and stonemasons use this item to hold things together.

Cut Clasp Nails

Used in both masonry and carpentry, this specialized nail is getting harder and harder to find. Fortunately, at Buildworld we have plenty of these fine fixing devices in stock in lengths ranging from 25 to 100mm.

Floor Brads

Nail troublesome floorboards down once and for all with the fastener that's specifically designed for that purpose.

Lost Head Nails

Another nail that sinks into the wood where it's hidden from view, making it perfect for interior joinery work.

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